Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The dream in transit

The creative dream has been in transit since its inception. I wanted to do a lot and start creating amazing artwork however reality has kept me away. Of course I did a few project from Pinterest but didn't get instant success.So here are a few pictures of my "DIY" project that went wrong.
The recycled newspaper basket weaving project.

This project was going great till I reached the end when the rim went completely haywire and I got an unequal finish to the top.

I was doing this other project, its a haldi-kumkum box (turmeric & vermilion box an Indian traditional requisite) Most Indian women keep silver or brass containers for the same but I came across some wooden ones intricately decorated and decided to do some myself as a trial.
I had a brilliant idea for the design so I sourced the material and applied a generous coat of white primer to the wooden containers. Someone suggested that I use acrylic colours and I did however once the paint dried it just started to peel off.  Here are the pics..

But c'est la vie and life goes on so I am removing the entire paint off with sand paper and going to start all over again.


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