Friday, 5 July 2013

The Creative Dream

The endless possibilities the www provides us with are all so inspiring and engaging however when I see the number of growing pins on my Pinterest against the I have actually done this list really gets me thinking. I spend hours and am capable of spending days browsing pinterest, interesting blogs and so on.  But when it comes to actually doing something I spend days trying to get all the requisites and if I don't find the right one I continue procratinating. 

I have analysed this and realized this that mostly I am afraid that it wont be nice or pretty. But now I have come to the conclusion that its better to have done it rather than just wanting to and adding more pins and to-dos in my notes.

Phew!! Finally I got to this blog and after countless blog name searching found this one which as time goes by sounds more and more apt. This blog is definitely my mode of showing & experimenting with my creative side. :)

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